What Is A Reactive Load Bank?

Before explaining what a reactive load bank is, we have to explain what a load bank exactly is. A load bank is a device that is used to develop an electric load which is then applied to an electrical power source which converts the resultant power of the source. A load bank can be considered to have been used by people all over the world because they mimic the real power source that is in an actual application as well. There are two types of them. Reactive and resistive load. The reactive load is the one that is the load with an inductor or a capacitor or may be both at the same time as well. This type of load has the resistance and the reactance as well. While with the resistive load, there is only the resistance of the resistors present there only. 

The reactive load banks are the ones that are used to convert the current into a magnetic field as well. The examples of a reactive load bank for sale are motors, transformers and chokes as well. The resistive load banks cannot be used at situations where there is a need of power and there is a real power failure occurring at the point, or we can say in the present time. A reactive load bank is the only one that can be used so as to ensure the complete operation of the system taking place at an acceptable level that is during any kind of emergency such as during a power failure may be as well. 

The reactive load testing also helps in uncovering all the weaknesses that there might be in the power generation system of the premises, or the house or even the office or the place that you work at, which prevents any of these emergencies that are not expected having immense failures as well. Talking about the resistive load banks, they are usually used only when there is a small part of a company’s total consumption of the power that there is as well. It is very important that during any kind of emergency that is regarding any power failures, a complex type of a system is demanded that has a lot of different parts that can entertain and help in solving all the issues and so the emergencies can be catered in the best ways possible as well. The main aim is that when there is a power cut or a power failure in the area, a device should be there that can ensure that the entire system functions are present in it, all the functions that are required at that point In time. reactive-load-bank

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